Fun Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Are you looking for fun kids birthday party ideas for children aged between 6  – 12? Have you considered a children’s chocolate making parties?

Children’s chocolate parties are great from both the kids and parents perspective!

The kids have a great time learning about and working with chocolate, to make tasty goodies, that they can take home (and maybe share with their family). They enjoy the practical side of tempering the chocolate and also the creative side, making colourful and intricate designs. They also get to spend time with their friends and doing something fun that is a little bit different!

Adults have the satisfaction of knowing that their child and their friends will be entertained by a professional chocolatier for an hour – time to relax and maybe have a well earned drink! In addition the kids are gaining new knowledge and learning new skills – who knows, maybe they’ll start making choccy treats for mum too! Finally, chocolate parties have the party bag aspect covered – the chocolate treats created by the kids are packaged up and put in cool Rock Lobster branded party bags for for your child’s friends to take home. Party bags with treats made by the kids themselves – there’s something new!

Chocolate parties are fun and they are also affordable. Rock Lobster charge just £10 per head. This includes all ingredients, materials and party bags. There is no mess either, as we come equipped with tablecloths, disposable gloves and take all our equipment back home, leaving your house in exactly the same condition.

So, if you are looking for a kids party idea, consider Rock Lobster Children’s Chocolate Making Parties.